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Fairy Godmother

It takes time and courage to move on, I was told; So am I the odd one for breaking the mould? I got up one day and saw them all. Sitting there, commanding my time, mental space et al. But this morning, I felt nothing for them. Should I make a keen attempt? Oh, what's wrong with me fairy godmother asked I. She answered, hush child, what do you imply? I loved these people dearly till yesterday, But I am so empty today. Something is wrong with me, I said. I should be sad, but I feel nothing instead. Dear child, said she, This moment has long been in making, even if you didn’t foresee. You love with all your heart, that’s true. Even when the relationship is askew. You have so much love that you can fit the entire world. They probably don’t have enough even for their own world. Next time, find the people who are worthy of you, Because they would never have to be taught the value of you. But do pay attention to spot the warning signs, Sometimes, even the seemingly good ones lack a conscience.

You have an energy that is difficult to match, You have an aura to which many attach. Don’t change yourself, because it is not a weakness. It is a unique strength, I am a witness.

I would have been worried if your heart was empty, But it is full of gratitude for people aplenty. You love very few, that is no secret. Maintain that balance cause it is very delicate. Don’t worry if you didn’t shed a tear, Because it shows that you are beyond despair. It might be late, but never too late to begin again. Your happiness may have been in someone else's smile, that’s true; But also learn to smile for yourself, once a week or two. Thank you, fairy godmother, said I. Only to wake up and realize that the fairy was I.

- Swimmy

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