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Rest of the life starts now

How many times in our life have we decided to start afresh?

At some point of time early morning, we quietly, under our breath, pledge to ourselves. From this day onwards (usually 1st January), I will eat well, work out regularly, read more frequently, avoid procrastination, speak to my parents and friends more often, and tell that person you have a crush on that you like them...I might tell them I love them (note to self - this may be too aggressive; play it cool). Spend less time on the black metamorphic mirror; appreciate the small pleasures of life; get rid of junk in my home; cut out toxic people; indulge in my hobbies; smile more often, and complain less often. Go after the life I want to have and create my world.

Sounds familiar? I hope it does because if it doesn't, I will be assured that I am definitely an oddball (I am running on 78% certainty). All the things listed above are my usual go-to pledges every single year.

Due to COVID-19, the issue of spending time with my parents was resolved as I shifted back home, and after nearly three years, I still wondered why I didn't do this earlier. Oh, right, that job was my life, but the pandemic made me realize that it's just a job and it's the people who matter. Well, to all you curious humans out there, I am still happily employed with the same company working partially from home but slightly more invested in myself than the company. I can meet my friends and spend some meaningful time with them. I told the boy I loved him, but he didn't say it back. It was hurtful but very liberating. I am not a hoarder, so I only have a little junk at home to get rid of. My screen time is reasonably regulated (almost 1 hour on the phone is decent). I am generally a pleasant person with a smile on my face.

But I still left out a few essential things. Eating well, working out (code for 'trying since forever to lose weight'), reading more, preparing for GMAT to do an MBA (the second one!), and trying to take the next step in making the financial world a more responsible one. Photography, painting and gardening are the hobbies that I would like to indulge in, but I have never had the time to do so in the past. Sometimes it was the job, but it's been the family for the last five years. Between submissions to the SEC, answering questions from HNI investors and auditors, and taking care of the education/careers of four kids along with an aunt who had Alzheimer's, I had to prioritize. And I am glad I prioritized the way I did. The kids are now independent adults capable of earning a living. My aunt passed away with dignity, and was loved and taken care of by her right till the end.

So I have come up with a plan. Since holding myself accountable to near and dear ones puts a lot of pressure on them and me, I have decided to put the pressure on me and the universe (I know, brilliant!). I will chronicle my actions and thoughts as weekly diaries, hoping to inspire someone to get up and start. I don't expect to create a revolution (secretly, we all hope for it but never accept the ambition). But if I can relate to a handful of people and help them try to achieve whatever they want, then I will have achieved my goal.

Stay tuned for laughs, tears, hopes, disappointments, successes, failures and everything in between.

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